Dates for 2016-17



2nd Oct 8:30 am sign on

1st Jan 9:00 sign on

16th Oct 8:30 am sign on

15th Jan 9:00 sign on

30th Oct. 8:30am sign on

29th Jan 8:30 sign on

13th Nov 8:00am sign on

12th Feb 8:30 sign on

27th Nov 8:00 am sign on

26th Feb 8:00 sign on

No December meetings due to adverse tides.

12th Mar 8:30 sign on
26th Mar 8:30 sign on

Tide predictions vary with atmospherics.
Competitors must be on time as some of the tides are very early.

Precise times cannot be predicted due to weather and beach conditions. Racing will start about one and half hours after rider sign in times, depending on wind and tide, finish time unknown.